Monday, April 19, 2010

Jennifer Rubell - Food as Installation Art

Art + Food are two of my biggest passions and I love Jennifer Rubell's work, so cleverly combining both and thus creating installation works that are edible.  Rubell's works is part performance art, part installation art, both on a large scale and her work deconstructs the meal or ritual, and reshapes it into a series of installations that prompt participants to partake without any instruction or guidance. Her installations become events and I love the work she has done. A lot of her installations happen during Art Basel Miami.  The pictures below depict her installation "Creation" and the pictures were taken from her website:
I highly recommend her cookbook Real Life Entertaining, Easy Recipes and Unconventional Wisdom. Her recipes are easy to make and this book makes a great reference for entertaining.

Peanuts as snacks

Dig in!

Drinks anyone?

Always a good time with drinks around.

Water, tea, coffee...

Juicy ribs

Healthy desserts, apples and trees

Jeff Koons chocolate bunnies - high in antioxidants

Looks like fun!

Oh well, original Koons gone kaputt!

Jennifer Rubell having fun!

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StylishBird said...

These installations are so cool. I love the interactive installation with the hammers. Food and art are definitely at the top of my list too!

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